Heather (runawaybunni) wrote in bn_of_the_month,


Hey everyone!

First, I want to thank katieshy for handing over the community to me, and I'd like to extend congratulations to babyslime for being our first BNOTM!

Now, a bit of an intro. My name is Heather, I live in Westchester county, NY and have a six month old son named David. I have found tons of information and support through Boob Nazis and I think that BNOTM is a great idea.

I've been toying with how to go from here with the community. The ideas that I've come up with are:
  • Keep giving physical prizes every month as we did this past month (keeping in mind that this would require donations)
  • Only give out prizes along the lines of icons and banners
  • Give out icons and such as prizes and then at the end of the year have a vote for BNOTY based on the twelve monthly winners, and the BNOTY would get a gift.

    Tha'ts what I've come up with thusfar. Comment with your ideas, suggestions, etc. =)
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