Heather (runawaybunni) wrote in bn_of_the_month,


Hey everyone!

First, I want to thank katieshy for handing over the community to me, and I'd like to extend congratulations to babyslime for being our first BNOTM!

Now, a bit of an intro. My name is Heather, I live in Westchester county, NY and have a six month old son named David. I have found tons of information and support through Boob Nazis and I think that BNOTM is a great idea.

I've been toying with how to go from here with the community. The ideas that I've come up with are:
  • Keep giving physical prizes every month as we did this past month (keeping in mind that this would require donations)
  • Only give out prizes along the lines of icons and banners
  • Give out icons and such as prizes and then at the end of the year have a vote for BNOTY based on the twelve monthly winners, and the BNOTY would get a gift.

    Tha'ts what I've come up with thusfar. Comment with your ideas, suggestions, etc. =)
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    I like the idea of giving icons and stamps to the monthly winners,then polling each monthly winner at the end of the year and giving it a vote as to who gets to be bn of the year,and give them a gift. This way we have all year to gather donations etc,and it's not too much all at once.

    Oh and in case mamawriter forgets,i've already said i'd make the stamps for bnof the month winners. I told her i'd do it while she was mod,and i'll continue now that you're mod,if you want :0)
    stamps = excellent =D Thanks so much
    no problem,i'm broke write now,so it's all i can give to the community,but it's something :0)
    I like the idea of giving out icon type prizes. I like the idea of BNOTY, but realistically in a year's time a lot can change and those that were active in Jan/Feb/March may not be around in Dec. Their children may have (self) weaned and they may have moved on. Not saying BNOTY is unworkable, just something to consider.
    That's a good point. I think it's something we'll have to feel out as the year progresses. =)