Katie (katieshy) wrote in bn_of_the_month,

Goood morning people!  I am feeling much better today.  This is the 6th day of the community and I think it's time to make a few adjustments.  .This will be a public post so everyone can see adjustments.  In the interest of not cluttering your friend's page...

1.)  The nominations are now on a public post.  For the next nominations, I will ask for you to post your reasons for nominating the person you did.  This was white_tigress' idea so that anyone who comes across here will be able to see what's so great about the boob_nazis.  Please post your praise of the person you nominated this time around if you'd like.  you can find the post here

2.) I thought a week of letting people know what's going on over here once a day would be fine, but apparently 5 days was too much.  (oops, sorry, I got a little carried away!) so, I will be posting updates and stuff here, and I will post one nominate post and one vote post in boobie_bootcamp and boob_nazis each month.  That's 2 a month.  People will just have to go looking for it if they miss it, and hopefully they will.

3.)  white_tigress will be putting a link to the um, I forget,  either the community or to the posts for nominating and voting on the boob_nazis user info page.

4.) donations will continue as long as it's possible.  I will post a donation button with each nominate and vote post and I will leave it on the community profile page.  note:  I do not expect everyone to donate every month.  I hope that we can get 20 members from the 3 communities to donate $1 each.  Anything more is fluff. :)  Please do not donate if you will be giving up a meal in order to do so.  Please do not donate if you will be giving up your morning coffee to do so.  This isn't meant to be a big deal and I don't want to dwell on money issues.  That is not the point of this celebration of boob nazis.

5.)  The gifts:  I think that a $20 gift certificate will be a very nice gift.  The BNOTM will have a choice of places.  Right now I've come up with Mothering Magazine subscription, or a Bath and Body Works gift certificate.  The gift certificates should be from a business that I can a) buy it online or b) buy it here in northern california.  Any suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Also, I think it would be wonderful if someone wants to volunteer to make a special icon for the boob nazis of the month.  We were planning on making some sort of stamp or banner for display on info pages too.  So, any hands?

Ok, I think that's it for now.  I want to say that I believe it's important to be flexible and change things if they aren't working quite right.  I am always open to suggestions and I hope that this activity will grow into something special.  If it doesn't, I will try not to take it personally.  hee hee!

Thank you everyone.  <3 Katie
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