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Goood morning people!  I am feeling much better today.  This is the 6th day of the community and I think it's time to make a few adjustments.  .This will be a public post so everyone can see adjustments.  In the interest of not cluttering your friend's page...

1.)  The nominations are now on a public post.  For the next nominations, I will ask for you to post your reasons for nominating the person you did.  This was white_tigress' idea so that anyone who comes across here will be able to see what's so great about the boob_nazis.  Please post your praise of the person you nominated this time around if you'd like.  you can find the post here

2.) I thought a week of letting people know what's going on over here once a day would be fine, but apparently 5 days was too much.  (oops, sorry, I got a little carried away!) so, I will be posting updates and stuff here, and I will post one nominate post and one vote post in boobie_bootcamp and boob_nazis each month.  That's 2 a month.  People will just have to go looking for it if they miss it, and hopefully they will.

3.)  white_tigress will be putting a link to the um, I forget,  either the community or to the posts for nominating and voting on the boob_nazis user info page.

4.) donations will continue as long as it's possible.  I will post a donation button with each nominate and vote post and I will leave it on the community profile page.  note:  I do not expect everyone to donate every month.  I hope that we can get 20 members from the 3 communities to donate $1 each.  Anything more is fluff. :)  Please do not donate if you will be giving up a meal in order to do so.  Please do not donate if you will be giving up your morning coffee to do so.  This isn't meant to be a big deal and I don't want to dwell on money issues.  That is not the point of this celebration of boob nazis.

5.)  The gifts:  I think that a $20 gift certificate will be a very nice gift.  The BNOTM will have a choice of places.  Right now I've come up with Mothering Magazine subscription, or a Bath and Body Works gift certificate.  The gift certificates should be from a business that I can a) buy it online or b) buy it here in northern california.  Any suggestions welcome and appreciated.

Also, I think it would be wonderful if someone wants to volunteer to make a special icon for the boob nazis of the month.  We were planning on making some sort of stamp or banner for display on info pages too.  So, any hands?

Ok, I think that's it for now.  I want to say that I believe it's important to be flexible and change things if they aren't working quite right.  I am always open to suggestions and I hope that this activity will grow into something special.  If it doesn't, I will try not to take it personally.  hee hee!

Thank you everyone.  <3 Katie
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NOT Bath and Body Works. I may be being something of a granola spazzoid about this, but B&BW is owned by a giant corporate conglomerate (The Limited, which also owns Victoria's Secret, Express, and a whole buncha other yuppie clothing stores) and its products are very mainstream and full of icky chemicals and whatnot. If you're going to give a gift certificate to a self-pampering place, might I suggest The Body Shop instead? It at least makes an effort to be environmentally sound, natural, and globally aware...
lol! I know, I used to work at Bath and Body Works. Snob central too along with all that other stuff..;) I'd be happy to get a certificate to The Body Shop. :)
You want us to post (err, comment with) the person's user name that we nominated, along with why we nominated them? This is completely different than was originally planned, and I was hoping to just admire the person from afar, as I've always done. :-)
that's ok too. I understand. I don't want to force it. :) I will probably make the poll only viewable to me, but ppl can comment with the person's username and why they nominated them if they want to. How does that sound?

why not make the private poll..only viewable to you,then have 2 spaces there?
1)who do you nominate?
2) why?

then you can put
This person was nominated because
and have a list of reasons that people postes without revealing names?
that's a good idea.
Awesome idea. I don't have a paid account, so I don't really know how the polls can be set up... but this would be a little better. :-)
well, I would just have to match up the answers with the usernames because the answers to different questions come out on different pages. not too big a deal. :)
oh oh! And I'll post the reasons in the voting page so ppl can see what each BN had done! :D
I'm so confuuuuuused...

This'll all be awesome in the end though.
i mean that I'll post a small paragraph talking about each BN who is nominated and then post the poll with a box to check by each name. Does that make more sense?
Personally, I'd much prefer public nominations to allow for discussion. It'd be more like a "round table" type thing. But if other people aren't comfortable with that then here's my suggestion.

Instead of a nomination poll, once a month make a nomination post in BNOTM which says "Who do you nominate and why." That way, people aren't constricted by maxlength of the poll. Add a donate button to this post.

Then make a post in BN and in BBC once a month with a small paragraph talking about why each BN is nominated followed by a members only poll, viewable only to you. Radio buttons would work best, in my opinion.

I'll link to BNOTM from the userinfo and from the main page of BN. That way people can hop on over there and nominate and donate as they choose.
Then make a post in BN and in BBC once a month with a small paragraph talking about why each BN is nominated followed by a members only poll, viewable only to you. That's what I meant. :)

For the nominations and reasons, I think I'll just do both the screened and unscreened post. That way, ppl have plenty of room to write, and they can choose to make it in the public post or screened post. Right now, I'm just taking the screened replies and pasting them on a word doc for later.

Thanks for all your help, oh-wise-Jewelz, you rock!

Mama_writer can make polls ;0)