Katie (katieshy) wrote in bn_of_the_month,

I think I'm going to extend nominations for  BNOTM a couple more days since things have changed a bit, and to give people a chance to give their praise of the nominated.  Go to the screened post, here if you would, and comment. :)  Only you and I will see it.  I'll give 2 more days (until Wednesday) for nominating and praising, and then post the voting post.  I think I'll give 2 weeks for the voting to make sure everyone has time, and then we'll know who the boob nazi of the month is right around the first. Ok?

Any volunteers to make icons for the BNOTM???

Also, I'll be going home for the holidays on Thursday, so I won't be around quite as much, but I'll try to check email as often as possible. Thanks!
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