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Boob_Nazi of the Month

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5/10/05 02:19 pm - runawaybunni - May BNOTM

The nominees are:


Voting ends in a week.

4/1/05 03:09 pm - runawaybunni - April Winner

April's Boob Nazi of the Month is :


Congratulations! I still have to make jucifer and your stamps, but they'll be along shortly. =D

2/6/05 08:19 am - runawaybunni - Congratulations!

First, here's babyslime's stamp :


Congratulations housepoet for being February's Boob_Nazi of the Month!

1/7/05 07:35 pm - runawaybunni - Introduction

Hey everyone!

First, I want to thank katieshy for handing over the community to me, and I'd like to extend congratulations to babyslime for being our first BNOTM!

Now, a bit of an intro. My name is Heather, I live in Westchester county, NY and have a six month old son named David. I have found tons of information and support through Boob Nazis and I think that BNOTM is a great idea.

I've been toying with how to go from here with the community. The ideas that I've come up with are:
  • Keep giving physical prizes every month as we did this past month (keeping in mind that this would require donations)
  • Only give out prizes along the lines of icons and banners
  • Give out icons and such as prizes and then at the end of the year have a vote for BNOTY based on the twelve monthly winners, and the BNOTY would get a gift.

    Tha'ts what I've come up with thusfar. Comment with your ideas, suggestions, etc. =)
  • 12/13/04 08:38 am - katieshy

    More time?Collapse )

    12/12/04 10:07 am - katieshy

    ok, if you don't have enough room to put your reasons for nominating the person you did in the poll, coment here.  I will be screening replies, so only you (the person who posts) and I will be able to see your answer.  This is getting complicated. Maybe I should forget it? If I don't get a reply for all of the nominees I'll just wait til next month to post the BN love.  I hope this makes sense. : /

    12/11/04 06:00 pm - katieshy - one more poll please!

    This poll is open to everyone but only viewable to me.  I would love to post a little blurb telling people what makes each boob nazi nominee wonderful as a boob nazi.  I won't post who said what about who. :)  example:  "HiI chose joeshmoes_hoe because she helped me realize that it's not perverted to breastfeed.  She gave me the strength to tell my ped to take a leap." pollCollapse )

    12/11/04 09:16 am - katieshy

    Goood morning people!  I am feeling much better today.  This is the 6th day of the community and I think it's time to make a few adjustments.  .This will be a public post so everyone can see adjustments.  In the interest of not cluttering your friend's page... CUT!Collapse )

    Ok, I think that's it for now.  I want to say that I believe it's important to be flexible and change things if they aren't working quite right.  I am always open to suggestions and I hope that this activity will grow into something special.  If it doesn't, I will try not to take it personally.  hee hee!

    Thank you everyone.  <3 Katie

    12/10/04 07:41 am - katieshy - um, ok I'm gonna just say this once.

    and then hopefully drop it with this post.  Comment here if you would like to address me.

    I was not at all intending on harassing anyone with my posts in this or any other community.  Here are my reasons, for what they are worth:

    I posted each day to let people know about the new community, since it is less than a week old and some people don't get on more than once a week, and even then, they don't have time to do much but check their friends pages.  So, there's the one post a day thing.  Which, for the record, I wasn't going to keep up forever, I just wanted to give time for anyone who was interested to join.  AND I have had new members who wanted to join with each post.

    About the donations:  Again, just a simple reminder.  I was really trying not to seem pushy at all, and I resent the fact that someone felt that I was guilting them into donating *key word, donate* when I really don't see how I was.  In fact, I was in the process of making buttons today with breastfeeding slogans for people who have already donated and people who will (would?) donate in the future.  If I seemed pushy in any way, I really appologize.  But I'm not even going to bother replying to the posts made in the other communities.  I understand that not everyone can afford to donate, and I don't expect you and your family to forego a meal just to donate for this. 

    I made this community separate from boob_nazis because some people told me that it might start drama in BN and I shouldn't bring that on :lj user="white tigress">.  *sigh* well, their suggestion didn't work, I guess. :(

    serednipitylove came up with this idea beacause she realized how much time and effort and care that many members of boob_nazis take to help other BFing moms. It makes complete sense to me that someone who is a member of a commuity specifically formed for people to ask the boob nazis for help in BFing should come up with the idea and help run the community! Regardless of whether she's had her child yet, she has benefitted greatly from advice of the boob nazis, and knows that she will be BFing her baby because of it! You know, it's that kind of non-inclusive attitude that gets us a bad rap in the first place and it really makes me sad.

    This isn't supposed to start drama, it's supposed to be fun and positive.  I care about the people in Boob Nazis.  I know how hard they work to help people.  I wanted the chance, and to give other breastfeeders a chance to say thank you in a small way.  I have been spending a lot of time on this and I can't help but feel hurt.  So if anyone would like their donation refunded, please just email me.  I would be happy to do so.

    If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

    I think that's all I have to say right now.  <3

    12/1/04 02:41 pm - katieshy - heehee

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